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Syndic Library Narrations ~ LeRoy Chatfield Meeting Cesar Chavez

Syndic Narrations ~ The Art of the Spoken Word


Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Filmmaker Rick Tejada Flores Interviews LeRoy Chatfield

Topic ~” Meeting Cesar Chavez”




Photo by Emmon Clarke c.1965  ~ LeRoy Chatfield

Recently, I received this photograph from Professor José Luis Benavides who is the Director of a massive photo documentation project underway at California State University ~ Northridge that is digitizing all the photographs of Photographers Emmon Clarke and John  Kouns and publish them online. 

When completed  these two collections would document the history of Cesar Chavez  and his Farmworker Movement and Martin Luther King and his Civil Rights Movement.

Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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