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Syndic Library Narrations ~ Dileep Jhaveri


Celebrating Poet Dileep Jhaveri


Introduction by Poet Bill Wolak

Once This Mist Clears ~  Read by Poet Bill Wolak

Being Mad  ~ Read by Poet Jami Proctor-Xu

Lips and Tongue  ~  Read by Poet Kristine Doll

Before Writing Poetry  ~ Read by Poet Bill Wolak

To Picasso  ~  Read by Poet Roger Netzer

After Visiting the National Museums ~ Read by Poet Joan Digby

A Breeze Read by Poet Tony Dawson

Pain  Read by Poet Charles Rammelkamp

Without Words  ~  Read by Poet John DeAngelo

Amnesia  ~  Read by  Poet Bill Wolak

I Did Not Know  ~ Read by Poet Stanley H. Barkan

Anytime  ~  Read by Poet Alison Morse

Happiness  ~  Read by Poet Bill Wolak


Syndic Narrations ~ The Art of the Spoken Word

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