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“The Art of the Spoken Word”


Published by LeRoy Chatfield


~     Poet Bill Wolak     ~

21 Poems ♥ Written & Narrated by Bill Wolak

January 2022


Lost in Darkness

Cupid’s Two Arrows

Poem with a Last Line from an Old Spanish Ballad

Singing Bowl

The Trance of Sand

The Portrait of Helen

The Shower

The Seepage of Dreams

A Single Raisin


A Pearl That Can Only Taste the Sea

In the Silence Between Love Songs

Avvaiyer’s Prayer

In Pashupatinath

Shivering Silk

Only Ashes Escape from This Fire

Beauty Mark

Daylight’s Encryption of Dreams

The Sky Cut in Half

The Lover’s Body



6  Poems ♥ Written & Narrated by Bill Wolak

Sent to Syndic Literary Journal No.12 in 2015


Deep into the Erasures of Night


It’s Dangerous Not to Love


Song of the Door That Surfaced


The Keeper of Strangeness


Things in the Cellar


To Praise and to Forgive

Publisher’s Note

Looking back now – 7 years after Poet Bill Wolak sent me these 6 poems to publish in 2015 – I realize how much Syndic Literary Journal has benefited from his poetry and his “Art of the Spoken Word”.

Syndic has published more than a 100 of Wolak’s own poems (or his narrations of  the poetry of others) and each narration  is a stand-alone work of art. He uses the written word as his palette to create his own artwork of the spoken word.

As you listen to these 27 narrations published in this special edition, you will feel the emotion in his voice, the nuance of his interpretation, the volume level he uses to create quiet or urgency and even the different pace of delivery that allows the listener enough space to “take in” the meaning of the poem.

A few years back I asked Bill if he came by his narration skills naturally or if he learned them over time. He replied that over the years he has had many opportunities both in the U.S. and Internationally  to publicly narrate his poetry so that certainly made a difference and he also remembered that he had taken a “Speech Class” in his younger years and that probably helped him with narration skills.

Perhaps his response accounts for his remarkable  talent, but for my part, I believe he has been blessed with the gift of creating the “Art of the Spoken Word”.

As publisher of Syndic Literary Journal, I would like to thank Bill for the contributions he has made – specifically: the Syndic Editions of “International Poets” and  “Celebrating the Lives of Poets Dileep Jhaveri and John Digby”.

Yes, I understand that 27 Poetry Narrations  is a very long presentation but if you take the necessary time to listen to them, I can assure you: ~  “You will not be disappointed!”

~ LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher

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