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Author Paul M. Levitt writes:

Dear LeRoy – I started a novel in he 1970’s, an historical narrative, to which I have only recently returned. The writing is quite good. It is called Benjamin of Tudela and His Sabbath Goy. Set in the 12th Century and based on a real person, the novel would take wing if I could find a book publisher. If you know one, please let me know.  I have included here only chapter one. To date, I have 150 pages.  Thanks, for inviting my work.

Syndic Publisher LeRoy Chatfield writes:

Dear Paul –  I have read chapter one of Tudela and His Sabbath Goy I would be pleased to publish/serialize your book.  Of course, as is my practice, I would also publish a narration along with the text. Thanks for asking me.




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