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Poem ∼ “Remembering 9/11” by Griselda Steiner

Griselda Steiner




Dedicated to WTC Victims

I’ve seen
Vast tundras of snow
Pine lined
Reflected shadows
On ice lakes
A frozen ocean
I remember
Sands of Israel
Strewn with
Rusty carcasses
Of old tanks
A memoriam
Against a blue sky
I’ve dreamt of
Jungle rivers
Curved flow
Through green breathing life
The bird calls
And animal cries
I’ve seen
Gray mountain stone sides
Risen rocks
Testifying time
With forests
In their deep valleys
I’ve seen your face
Lined with age
Each cavern a monument to
Another loved one gone
Our own blue river
Lined with steel mountains
The tower carcasses
Strewn against the sky
Echo cries of human sorrow
The blue river carries
A ghost ferry of souls
Ascending from the fiery glow
To our beloved’s embrace
I didn’t know the wilderness was war.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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