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Letter From The Publisher ∼ LeRoy Chatfield

Photo by Gilbert Ortiz


Letter From The Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No. 18 ∼ “Remembering 9/11”.

This special issue ∼ “Remembering 9/11” ∼ exists because J.H. Johns and Paul Churchill Mann sent me a manuscript consisting of 41 poems written by J.H.  and narrated by Paul, along with a note asking: what do you think?  Syndic No. 18 is my response. Their manuscript is contained in the first 14 chapters of this Syndic issue.

The remaining chapters were gathered by word-of-mouth – thank you Gordon A. Gilbert, Jr. and Sam Friedman of New York City – and by  invitation to my  “regular” stable of  Syndic poets, writers and artists. I am indebted to Gordon Gilbert for allowing me to use his unique and arresting  photo of the June 2001 New York skyline for the Syndic No.18  cover.

Because of the subject matter in this issue, I am not publishing the usual “Bio” promos of each author but instead simply listing their names as contributors to this solemn Syndic issue.

I have no words adequate or available to express my heartfelt condolences on behalf of those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I can say this: that fateful morning, they did what we all do . . . “they came to work”.

LeRoy Chatfield ∼ Publisher ∼  Syndic Literary Journal

March 2018



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