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3 Poems ∼ “Remembering 9/11” by Asha Viswas

Asha Viswas

“An Autumnal Cry”

(Remembering 9/11)

A segment of morning Sun
From autumnal windy skies
Disturbs dreams of human life.
You cannot even count the dead
Just the white sand of bones,
nameless mix of metal and flesh.
Blood smeared Death derides,
Poisonous pollen drips
Through her silent finger tips.
Fireworks in September skies
Smoke coughing, roasting life,
Celebrating a season of blight.

“The Bombed Towers”

Cries suspended between Life and Death
Their intensity stripped of images and sounds.
You cannot map the bloody scene from an angle
Where metal and bodies, shattered to bits,
Wait for the wrath of God to end.
Peace, that some of us dreamt of once
Has blown with the wind.
We are unmatched pieces of puzzles
With rough edges, out of shape
Watching dispersions from distance.
Totality is like a fragmented scene
A traveler sees from a running train.
Human bodies realized as flesh and blood
Get suspended, inscribed on broken walls .
Hatred plants its flag over the dead
Humanity cries in smouldering street .

“September Blues”

(Remembering 9/11)

Breathless wind lifts the veil of earth
Lips of tulips are bruised by kisses of storm.
With a hand of despair, Autumn writes
An elegy on the ravished leaves of lilies.
Trees drop tears at the feet of grass
Dawn washes its face with the blood of stars.
Peace pants, corpses fall like curses
Insatiable hatred strikes with flames.
When roses are crushed nothing is left
But sighs of wind and heaps of thorns.



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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