Syndic No. 17
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Poetry: Asha Viswas

Photo by Mukesh Srivastava



By Asha Viswas

A spray of light through the window ,

colours of the Sun streaming through

 half opened, restful eyes .


No clamour and confusion of words ,

no strokes of thoughts , every inch

of the physical body is drowned

in nameless colours, all desires are irrelevant ,

it is a placelessness of primitive awareness.


The cosmos has reached primordial peace ,

the birds are just yawning  in their nests ,

a green leaf lifts its eyes at the dawn

 and thanks it for its birth .


By Asha Viswas

Always one lonely plate

Trying to eat its past

With innumerable clauses

Without a pause.

The syntax of the dining room

Has no verbs indicating a future.

The single cup tries to stay calm

while the wind chats in her own diction .


it is the archaic theme of waiting

for the endless nowhere.

The last tear drop has disappeared

Without leaving a trace.

The vanishing footsteps map the past

And the dust on the dining table

Hides a darkness deeper

Than the unreachable past .




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