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In Memoriam • Lena Jurikowa ∼ A Retrospective • Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ∼ In Memoriam ∼ Lena Jurikowa ∼ A Retrospective


A Note From The Publisher

I ask myself:  how can I say I knew ―  really knew!  ―  Lena Jurikowa whom I never met  and we lived 5,000 miles apart?  Lena was an artist whose work I very much admired and told her so!  I often published her work and was profoundly grateful she wanted me to do so. Last year ―  as upbeat and as cheerful as ever ―  she confided that  she needed to take a year off to recover from the onset of cancer. Not to worry, she said . . .  I believed her because I wanted to. After her therapy she plunged back into her art, and all too soon and too young, she was gone. In spite of my profound sense of loss, I am fortunate to have known Lena Jurikowa . . . and to know ―  really know! ―   she wanted me to publish her work.


Artist Lena Jurikowa / Photo by Gunther Wagner





Photo by Gunther Wagner




Lena Self-Portrait

 Lena Self-Portrait


Lena • Age 5


Lena’s Bio

Lena wrote: “Lena Jurikowa, painter & sculptor. Lives in Germany. Born in Afrikanda, N. Russia. Graduated from Minsk State Art School Glebov, Balarus. Art Designer. Began exhibiting in 1976. Since 1990, freelance artist in Poland and since 1997 in Germany.   She works in stone, bronze, wood. She makes objects, ceramics, drawings, pastel, acrylic & oil paintings, graphics, photo collages. Solo exhibitions at Marc Chagall Museum, Museum of Modern Art Belarus, group exhibition at Museum of Modern Art “Tsarskoselskaja Kollekzja”, St.Petersburg. Her works can be found in museums & private collections.”


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