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Letter from the Publisher by LeRoy Chatfield


GUITAR FACE by J. Petway / In 1998, I purchased this guitar face from a homeless artist who told me he created this work by using a broken coke bottle as a magnifying glass and the heat generated by the rays of the sun to burn the image onto to the guitar face. Artist uses nature to create art! Simply amazing! —LeRoy Chatfield

Letter from the Publisher

by LeRoy Chatfield

Welcome to Syndic No.14

This issue showcases the talent of 36 authors/artists, including 6 new ones, to the ever increasing ranks of Syndic authors and artists – 132 and counting.

As publisher of Syndic I require that all submissions of poetry, stories and essays, be narrated by the author or a designated person. It is my firmly held belief the spoken word best interprets and communicates the author’s meaning and nuance and enables the listener to enjoy the piece more fully. If done correctly, the written words take flight!

For the most part this has worked well and sets Syndic somewhat apart from many hundreds of other literary online publications. However, a poor quality audio recording – whatever the reason – prevents the listener from engaging with the author and can be an off-putting experience.

In Syndic No.14, I have removed those few poor quality recorded narrations and simply leave the author’s written word for the reader to engage. For the next issue, Syndic No. 15, it is my intention to raise the audio-quality bar for the recordings and accept only those submissions I judge to be listener-friendly.



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