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Art Exhibit: Collages by Bill Wolak

Poet Bill Wolak


by Bill Wolak

Artist Statement

“Collage undresses the darkness with a mirror’s secret undertow.

It’s a dance done on burning kites while dreaming at the speed of light.

Expectant as nakedness, collage is a door that surfaces

in the shipwreck of your sleep. It’s a caress with the

irresistibile softness of a slipknot in a velvet blindfold.

At its best, like poetry, collage is a moan just beyond delirium.

I make collages out of all kinds of materials.

Most are made out of paper engravings.

Many collages are digitally generated or enhanced.

A Dream Passing Through Dust

Where Moonlight Stamps the Shadows

Homeless As Light

The Wildflower’s Blush

The Runaway Mirror

Deeper Than a Mirror Haunted by Perfume

The Itch of Lightning

Dust at the Center of Rain

What Perfume Reveals

A Kiss Passing Through Your Flesh

The Necklace of Smiles

The Perfume’s Long Goodbye


Dust Ballet

Flesh That Attracts Dreams

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