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Letter From The Publisher By LeRoy Chatfield


GUITAR FACE by J. Petway / In 1998, I purchased this guitar face from a homeless artist who told me he created this work by using a broken coke bottle as a magnifying glass and the heat generated by the rays of the sun to burn the image onto to the guitar face. Artist uses nature to create art! Simply amazing! —LeRoy Chatfield

Letter from the Publisher

by LeRoy Chatfield

Welcome to Syndic No. 13!

Not everyone can be first, someone has to be last.

One of the most challenging aspects of publishing Syndic Literary Journal is what chapter to place first, which second, third, etc., and finally which one is placed last?

Consider this. Syndic No.13 showcases the work of 35 authors/artists, all of whose work I have judged to be meritorius and worthy of publication. (Full Disclosure: I am the sole judge and arbiter of what will be published in Syndic). How then, do I decide the placement for each author?

Here are some of my considerations: (1) because Syndic is a multimedia presentation, there needs to be a mix of poetry, stories, artwork, videos, music, etc.; (2) it is important to capture the attention and interest of the reader/viewer at the beginning of the Table of Contents with chapters that will (hopefully) pique enough interest to keep them paging through; (3) for our stable of regular contributors, I try to alternate their placement in each issue – sometimes higher, sometimes middle, sometimes lower; (4) for first or second time contributors, I have a soft spot and look to place them somewhat higher than usual.

As much as I say otherwise, many contributing authors/artists conclude that my decision about the placement of their chapter reflects my judgment about the quality and value of their work. That is not the case, but were I in their position, no doubt I might feel the same way.

Not everyone can be first, someone has to be last.

2016 Syndic Publication Schedule

Syndic No. 14 will be published March  1, 2016 (the submission deadline is: February 1, 2016).  Syndic No. 15 will be published  November 1, 2016. (the submission deadline is: October 1, 2016).  Only complete submissions can be reviewed for publication. The number of chapters will be capped at 35 and with the ever-increasing number of submissions, publication space will be limited; I urge all authors/artists seeking publication not to wait until the February or October 2016 deadlines!



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