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Commentary: “The Hope Of Fukushima” By TAKI Yuriko

Poet TAKI Yuriko & Dr. & Mrs Dediu

Poet TAKI Yuriko  & Dr. & Mrs Dediu

The Hope Of Fukushima

by TAKI Yuriko




Authors/Artists Bios

TAKI  YURIKO(多喜百合子) She was born in Tokyo Japan now lives in IBARAKI USHIKU110miles from the center of Fukushima nuclear powers, where is one of hot spots of radiation. She worked in Nippon Broadcasting System. INC. Works now as the Japanese Language teacher for foreigners. Member of Japan Poets Association※ and International Writers & Artist Association,etc.She received many awards for her poetry work, the Honorary Degree of Doctor in Literature from World Academy of Arts and Culture, Poet Laureate from World Conference of Poets and etc. The latest her bilingual (Japanese and English) poetry book “Sakura, the Cherry Blossom (After 3.11.2011 in Japan)” is a prize winner of the best poetry book in 2013 from International Writers and Artist Association (USA). Her poetry translated into 14 languages. Homepage Email [email protected] ※Japan Poets Association=日本現代詩人会
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