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Sung Word: “Buddy” by Stephen Mead

Poet Stephen Mead

Poet Stephen Mead

Publisher’s Note

Stephen Mead writes:  ‘Buddy’ is a  piece that comes from a work-in-progress entitled: “Threnody for a Forgotten Plague” – a work concerned with the early days of the AIDS pandemic. This experimental sound collage series deals with the fracturing of voices which occurs during such an outbreak: the medical, political bureaucracy vs. the voices of humans fighting for their health and well being.  An earlier version of Buddy was published in Syndic No.11″



by Stephen Mead



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As a writer and artist publishing for the last three decades, Stephen Mead has finally gotten around to getting links to his poetry still online at various zines available in one place: His latest Amazon release is entitled "Our Spirit Life”" - a poetry/art meditation on family heritage, love, and the evanescence of time.
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