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Red Tram

Written by Dariusz Lebioda

Translated from the Polish by Stanley H. Barkan & Adam Szyper 

Narrated by Bill Wolak


I dreamed of a red tram  

gliding on rails in New Orleans 

full of moving skeletons playing  

on saxophones trombones  

trumpets and tubes  


at the end a yellowed scaffold  

struck silvery plates drums  

and another in a conductor  

cap was conducting  

thin tibia 


the gilt of the sun poured  

from the sky wandering  

blackbirds flew from palm  

to palm moments muck  

like centuries and millenia  


I was the only living being  

in this tram but I was stuck  

in deathly stillness  

pale thirst  


the big band played louder  

and louder the tram still  

accelerated and was already  

running in free space 


hovered in the air like 

the funeral shroud  

was erased glided  

freely towards a deaf  




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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