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Written by Dirk-Uwe Becker 

Translated from the German by Silvia Kofler 

Narrated by Bill Wolak 

out of the gray 

that embraces me 

and confuses my senses 

your mouth  

caught me tenderly 

and obfuscated 



out of the darkest 

of colors you  

wove me a rainbow 



clothed me in white light 

glazed my hair  

with the silver 

of the moon’s glow 

absorbed my shadow  

world dreams  

into pores of your skin 

and freed me  

with your soothing voice 

and re-animated my senses 


I never want to 

miss your aura, 

and the strength that 

shines from dark eyes 

like a star 

from the deepest well 

that dims my clouds 

with light 


when I reflect 

and ponder 

that it is just 

as well as it was 

and that everything 

that was 

has its time  

and room 

now my heart should  

quickly mend 

(no line break) 

when I send my 

longing wings  

along your voyage 

drunk and colorful. 



Dirk-Uwe Becker was born in 1954, holds a graduate degree, and is since 1970 artistically and literarily creative. His publications include 6 volumes of poetry, as well as texts (poetry / prose) in various anthologies and literary magazines at home and abroad; some of which have been translated into English and Polish. He is a member of P.E.N. Germany, P.E.N. Trieste, the Association of German Writers (VS) and the Europa-Literaturkreis Kapfenberg / Austria, and is Chairman of 2 cultural associations. 
Silvia Kofler is a poet, translator, educator, and occasional actor whose work has been published in many anthologies like The Sixth Surface: Steven Holl Lights the Nelson-Atkins Museum, travelin’ music: A Poetic Tribute to Woody Guthrie, and The Book of Hopes and Dreams to benefit Spirit Aid, in the UK. Her latest poetry collection, Gambol the World: Eine Weltanschauung, was translated into Portugese by Carlos Ramos, and is scheduled to be published as a bilingual edition by Ghost Editions, in Portugal. She is a member of The American Literary Translators Association, The American Pen Women, and publishes the literary magazine Thorny Locust

























Written by Dirk Becker

Narrated  by Bill Wolak




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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