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Written by Dinko Telecan

Translated from the Croation by Andrea Brady

Narrated by Bill Wolak


You – 

sleepyblossomed manychannelled 

thunderlivid meadowknitted 

oceanvisaged sickleselvedged 

solarpotent ovalweathered 

spiritsated waterscripted 

forestsabled brittlewaisted 

drizzlecrested bonfirefeathered 

charcoalrocky crystalstocky 

gold-junked fruit-trunked 

aspenmurmur pleasurebreasted –   



You are like a day 

spent in an orchard 

before it fruits 



Dinko Telećan (born in 1974 in Zagreb) is a poet, writer and literary translator from Croatia. He studied Philosophy, English language and literature, and Sinology at the University of Zagreb. He published six books of poems, along with five other books.  Selections from his works have been translated into a dozen languages.  
Andrea Brady (born 1974 in Philadelphia) is an American poet and lecturer at Queen Mary. She studied at Columbia University and the University of Cambridge. Her academic work focuses on contemporary poetry and the early modern period. She is the curator of the Archive of the Now and the co-editor (with Keston Sutherland) of Barque Press. 


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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