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Welcome to Syndic No.42 ~ International Poets No.2

New Jersey Poet Bill Wolak has done it again! 

He asked me if I would be willing to include European Poets in Syndic No.40 and if so, he would invite their participation and narrate their poetry for publication. Thanks to Bill Wolak,  14 European poets submitted 28 poems for publication in Syndic No.40.

Now for Syndic No.42,  Bill is showcasing 13 new European poets – 26 poems . In addition, he asked Massachusetts  poet, Kristine Doll, to help by  translating and narrating  one of the poems.

Please excuse my age:

Any/ All future Syndic Journals will contain no more than 25 chapters. At my age I can no longer publish 60 or 70 chapters at a time.  There are too many moving parts associated with Internet publishing that require a lot of mental bandwidth to keep track of them all,   and it is very time consuming work for a one-man-band operation like mine.

Please note: Syndic Literary Journal is now accepting literary submissions to be published in the Fall of 2021. Space will be limited so early submissions are encouraged.  Send submissions to: [email protected]

For the written word, please use Word.doc (not .pdf) / For the spoken word, please use Mp3 format or similar. / For photography or artwork, please use .jpeg format.

All poetry submissions must include narrations.

Thank you for your interest in Syndic Literary Journal.

LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher






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