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Under the Shade of Memory

Written by Jeton Kelmendi

Translated from Albanian by the poet

Narrated by Bill Wolak



I told you something forgotten
The things that you will not remember even tomorrow

Forgiveness is always much more ancient
When silence is traveling

At the oak dried from the sun
I am awaiting you
In the same line with the poem
Hung in the abyss of the mountain

There I await only love
And I sat to relax

I tried to
Exhaust the autumn or to dream the light
Only to say a word




Jeton Kelmendi was born in Peja, Kosovo, and currently resides and works in Brussels, Belgium, and in Pristina, Kosovo. He is the most translated Albanian poet and is well known throughout Europe. His poems are translated in more that thirty-seven languages.



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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