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Dream Without Poison

Written by Dante Maffia

Translated from Italian by Mariko Sumikura

Narrated by Bill Wolak


Last night the sea came into my bed.

The moon ran away.

Wild cats ransacked the books.

We were invited by Lara to Boris’ dacha.


A succession of turns of events

or simply the disjointed diary of a love

fed with lightnings,

exposed to bad weather

like every sublime love.


And at a certain point that mad train

which ran in the snow.

The tram and the unheard shout.

But can you hear my voice?

I know I’m calling you from abyssal distances


and I have no words if not made with the sky.

This is my only wealth.

For the rest I’m penniless,

 a scattered light which limps

 in the mazes of metaphors,

trying to defend them, with difficulty,

from withering.


Dante Maffìa is one of the most renowned contemporary Italian poets. Recently, the University of Craiova, Romania, nominated him for the Nobel Prize.
Mariko Sumikura is one of Japan’s greatest poetesses and one of the finest translators of English and Italian texts into Japanese.





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