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The Lost City

Written by Carlos Ramos

Translated from Portuguese by the Poet

Narrated by Bill Wolak


You walk like a burning match
the acid head
the bare heart
by the trigger of amazement
here are the diffuse fingers
the shattered hand
here’s the weapon of trembling
here’s how the revolver throbs inside
a sore muscle after exertion
winds the heart down
note that the skin no longer protects you
the truth is glimpsed
and the blood you know
invades the entrails with nocturnal matter
comes to the mouth of heaven
lights come off
fall still alive
on the face of the sea stripped by bad weather
and the body thus exposed to the disorder of the dream
wake up in the salt city
follow in your footsteps
but you never arrive
or even understand
that the impossible
dwelt inside you.

Carlos Ramos was born in Peniche, Portugal. He graduated with a degree in Law, and became a writer, translator, and photographer. He was a founding partner of VIRTUAL – Associação de Fotógrafos.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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