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The Burden of Love

Written by Ion Deaconescu

Translated from Romanian by Veronica Lungu

Narrated by Bill Wolak


She’s coming, coming, and keeps coming

To meet me, after all.

No one is staying in her way,

She’s stepping over mountains and forests,

Over hearts with a scared blood,

When the time is hiding in shells

And the feeble voice is shaking.

She’s coming, coming, and keeps coming

As a queen expelled

By the burden of power.

She’s almost victorious.


Ion Deaconescu was born in Tirgu Logresti in the Gorj County, Romania. He graduated at the Faculty of Letters at the Bucharest University and earned his PhD at the Department for Linguistics and Foreign Literature. He has been teaching literature at the universities of Bucharest, Craiova, Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Skopje. Having made his debut as a poet in 1968, he is the author of many poetry collections, the latest translation into English is entitled The Last Wing (2019) published by Cross-Cultural Communications. He is the President of the International Academy Mihai Eminescu and organizes the week-long World Poetry Festival “Mihai Eminescu” every year in Craiova, Romania.
Veronica Lungu was born in Craiova, Romania. She is studying Journalism at the faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Bucharest.




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