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With Bells For Hooves In Sounding Streets . . .

Narrated by Bill Wolak

New Jersey

With Bells for Hooves In Sounding Street . . .

By Lawrence Ferlinghetti


                 With bells for hooves in sounding streets

                       that terrible horse the unicorn

                                            came on

        and cropped a medlar from a tree

                                           and he dropped the seed

                        sprang up a virgin

                                   oh she sprang up upon his back

                   and rode off tittering to a stair

                                    where pieces of string lay scattered


                         Now when she saw the string so white

          so lovely and so beautiful

                              looking like

                                 Innocence itself

        she got down and reached for a nice

                                                                  straight piece

                         but it had a head

                                     and it bit her beautiful place

So (she said)

       this is how it all began


Next time I’ll know


                        But was too late and they buried her





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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