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The Rebels

Narrated by Nitin Jagdish



Star-striken still

                  we lie under them

                                            in dome of night

      as they wheel about

                            in their revolutions

           forming and reforming

                               their splendiferous

                                        phosphor fabrications


Ah the wheelwright of it

                                      (whoever he or she or it)

                  chief fabricator

                                          of the night of it

                           of the night to set it in

                                                 this cut-glass

                                                         diamond diagram



            in the lighted attic

                       under the burning eaves

                                                              of time

     lamps hung out

       (to guide far more far-out voyagers

                        than ourselves)


Still antic stars

                      shoot out

                                    burst out –

                                                    errant rebels

                                    even there

                      in the perfect pattern

                                                       of some utopia

                                   shooting up

                                                     tearing the

                                                                   silver web

As in a palm of hand

                     the perfect plan  of line

                                         of life and heart and head

          struck across of a sudden

                                                 by one

                                                          cataclysmic tear


Yet all not asunder

                            all not lost in darkness

       and held together still

                    at some still center

         even now

   in the almost incendiary dawn

as still another

                    rebel burning bright

                         strikes its match upon

                                                 our night







Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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