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The Poet’s Eye Obscenely Seeing

Narrated by Charles Rammelkamp




The poet’s eye obscenely seeing 

sees the surface of the round world 

with its drunk rooftops 

and wooden oiseaux on clotheslines

and its clay mules und females 

with hot legs and rosebud breasts 

in rollaway beds 

and its trees full of mysteries 

and it’s Sunday parks and speechless statues 

and its America 

with its ghost towns and empty Ellis Islands 

and its surrealist landscape of 

mindless prairies 

supermarket suburbs 

Steamheated cemeteries 

and protesting cathedrals 

a kissproof world of plastic toiletseats tampax and taxis 

drugged store cowboys and las vegas virgins 

disowned indians and cinemad matrons 

unroman senators and conscientious non-objectors 

And all the other fatal shorn-up fragments

Of the immigrant’s dream come too true

And mislaid

Among the sunbathers




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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