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Syndic Literary Journal

One of These Days

Narrated by Charles Rammelkamp



When I am old 

will they accept what I say 

as the absolute truth 

and call me maestro 

and pin the cross of light on me 

And if they do, oh if they do 

will it have been worth it after all 

all the broken sentences begun again 

all the illusory triumphs 

which could only happen on Sundays 

when all the banks are closed 

and the bankrupt churches open 

and all the lotteries won 

only to find the tickets printed 

with evaporating ink 

and the last horse in the last race 

jumping the last fence to freedom 

and I standing in the winner’s circle 

with a wreath around my neck 

wondering which blond will kiss me 

as the mariachi hand plays 

Happy Days Are Here Again 

or The Battle Hymn of the Republic 

and a parade goes by 

to the distant plaza 

where imbeciles wearing tinsel wings 

drop from the trees?




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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