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July 17, 2022

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The Art of the Spoken Word


” Theme ~ Uvalde is Family to Me ”



Uvalde Is Family To Me

Written & Narrated by Chris Giovacchini

Uvalde is Family to Mefor Leroy

What happens to one, happens to all, marginalized, segregated,Disconnected from the welfare of others, we shut out the family of man.Do we condemn the shooter, to shoot? Disenfranchised, he acts out, cries out,Finds his voice, locking and loading, getting even for the bogus American Dream he was promised, “Life and Liberty,” and “Created Equal.”

Was childhood innocence denied him by dysfunctional home life? Parents On the ropes of society? Underfunded education systems? Where falling throughCracks, made him a crack shot, and taking lives of the innocent seemed as if it Would let him out of the corner in which he found himself. And so waging mayhem On children, created a bizarre demonic choreograph, of suicide by cop.

He’s committing suicide today America, and is going to take others along, Gunning down a lot of kids, couple of teachers, till they take him out,Whose to blame America? Who can we point the trigger finger at? It’s a loadedSubject. A sense of entitlement gone tilt. An alone gunman, with no mentor, Nothing to belong to. The help he’s getting, is from the sniper’s crosshairs.

Maybe it was the way it was handled? Maybe it was antiquated gun laws?Maybe we didn’t see him falling down the Tex-Mex rabbit hole, south of Highway 90 in Uvalde, or is it \you-val-dee\? Maybe it’s the statue of JeffersonDavis outside the courthouse? We are the shooter, and his parents, We are the dead, and their families.

Sandy Hook, and Columbine were my family too, where the innocent bled out. In elementary schools, the kids are easy targets, sitting ducks,Concerning themselves with art, math, social studies, recess, volleyball, Where a depraved young man, a loner, an outcast, will be taking revenge today,To get back at the world, at his mom, an absent father, bullies, insensitive ones.

Uvalde is family to me.Uvalde is family to you.Uvalde is America’s shadow







Written & Narrated by Richard B. Cook

scalia roberts kennedy thomas alito – Heller vs. D.C. 2008

scalia roberts kennedy thomas alito – operating behind metal detectors and layers of guards

scalia roberts kennedy thomas alito SC Justices / killers – responsible for estimated 224 dead kids (K-12 + Univ student deaths) since 2008

Your Honors: since Heller (2008), we respectfully propose that killing children in their schools has become an “extensive use” which means, that activity must now be deemed a “traditionally lawful purpose.”  

Wha’cha think? ¿Q’ opinan cabrones?

Stats don’t lie. Of course they don’t.

School deaths (2009+) attributable to scalia roberts kennedy thomas alito decision in HELLER

estimated 230 & counting

since 5/24/22, Uvalde’s 22 dead, including the shooter, 2 more school shootings since then, 1 death

Our economy is in a mess

We got to cut back on everything

Except arming ourselves with military grade weapons

Except killing our kids

You don’t have to believe me

Give it a shot

Published Statements to mark the occasion: 

“The federal government does not track school shootings”

“There is no single, agreed-upon definition of the term ‘mass shooting.’ “

“school shootings remain rare”

2022 – “there have been at least 24 acts of gun violence on K-12 campuses during the school day”

From recent press reports we have more:

“working closely with Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District”

“see what policies were in place”

“Nine One One calls were being communicated to an Uvalde police officer”

“the state agency that I have spoken to has not told me who that is”

“not be attending the National Rifle Association”

“one of our products was criminally misused” 

“not the appropriate time to be promoting our products in Texas”

“officers responded . . . they likely did not have proper training”

“Uvalde population at the last census was 15,751” 

fewer now




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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