Syndic No.7
Syndic Literary Journal

Poetry by Abraham Henselyn



“Too Late”



One morning my eyes failed to open,
The light of life extinguished, at last.
My essence looking down on a scene
Of stilled action and restful peace.

Was it worth the constant struggle
Against adversaries from all sides ?
A dragon slain, the next one ready
To keep this warrior on his defense.

Who will adopt the orphaned causes ?
Who will fight on for what is right ?
Who has the will, the staying power
To keep pushing my load uphill ?

When my life is being evaluated,
Will I come out bruised but whole ?
Will what I’ve done or failed to do
Outweigh the charity I’ve shown ?

Now is the time for resignation,
Too late to change all that’s past.
No more regrets or jubilation,
Just blessed nothingness, at last.

“Take Comfort”



Some nights, when sleep evades me
I summon your essence to my side
Filling the space of my empty arms,
Soothing the aches in all my bones
And taking the chill out of my heart.

You used to talk and I would listen
But now our roles are reversed.
I’m telling you my woes and worries
While your silence lightens my load.

Switching from my litany of pains
I relive our many happy times,
The shared enjoyment of music,
Travel or just a memorable meal.

Comforted by your shadow presence
The somber clouds begin to lift.
Our life together pervades my being
And your love is blessing me again.

Authors/Artists Bios

Abe Henselyn is a holocaust survivor from, Holland. Most of his working years were spent in the import-export business, since 1954 in San Francisco. His writing skills were honed in classes he attended in two senior facilities over the last eight years.


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