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Written & Narrated by LeRoy Chatfield

Rarely do I publish a YouTube video in Syndic Literary Journal and if you ask why I decided to publish this video by Portland Maine TV anchor, Sam Rogers, it is because of “Family” –  my extended family. Sam Rogers is talking about one of our own.

Suicide has impacted my immediate family because of the friends of my children and grandchildren and even Bonnie and me through our own friends.  In my younger years suicide rarely happened – or at least as I remember it back then – but in this day, and in my old age, it has become common place. 

Part of the reason for this I think is because the Covid Pandemic turned the entire world upside down and whatever “rules” used to pass for normal no longer apply. When you consider that as of September 9, 2022 more than one million Americans have died from Covid since 2020 is it any wonder the rest of us feel unhinged – our daily lives shredded with uncertainty  and left up in the air at the mercy of what we do not know and cannot predict. Life now seems so random!

I for one appreciate what  Sam Rogers and his Portland Maine TV station are trying to accomplish – let’s step out of the shadows of suicide, let’s talk about it, let’s be honest – even angry if necessary  – and vent about it. Let’s help one another – the truth will set us free.

Sam Rogers, my family thanks you for talking about our family suicide.








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