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Syndic Narrations ~ The Art of the Spoken Word

Published by LeRoy Chatfield


~ Poet Richard Baldwin Cook  ~


Monologue With David Parsons

The Sting of Heaven

Regime of Truths

In Mexico City

Ripped Messiah

Big Eyes, Small Hands

I Like the GPS

Mexico City Metrosexual


My Revised Bio

Richard writes and reads too, in Maryland. 

He has not yet reached the last of his allocated breaths. 

Richard works, from time to time, on facts and riddles. 

One such fact is Israel,

not a country, but an uninvited antisemitic cabal,

rudely sitting on top of a nation of Semites,

who did not ask them in and who want them out.

That’s the fact. 

The riddle is why this fact wanders, still,

in search of a hearing among the nations.

~ Richard Baldwin Cook


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