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Syndic Literary Journal

June 8, 2022

The Painting That Corrupted St. Oosling

Written by Paul M. Levitt

Dialogue No. 1 (Scenes 1-4)

Performed by:

Sacramento Actors ~ Directed by Gary Agid

Ashley Lucas (as Mrs. Wiggins) /

Anne-Marie Trout (as Minerva)

 Gary Agid (as Mr.Kwadro) / Wade Lucas (as Father Sextus)

 Leo McElroy (as Broadcaster)

♥          ♥          ♥


Playwright Paul M. Levitt wrote St. Oosling for the British Broadcasting Corporation  during the era of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher it but was never produced because she stripped the BBC  budget.

  Now, these many decades later, Paul Levitt sent it to Syndic to see whether or not I could publish it. I decided to transform the Play into what I call Dialogues and ask Actors to narrate them 

There are 14 Dialogues in all and today’s publication   is a “narration performance ” of Dialogue 1 (Scenes 1-4)

My heartfelt thanks to these Sacramento California Actors who made this “narration performance” possible.

I hope you enjoy their performance as much I do!

~ LeRoy Chatfield Publisher


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