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Syndic No.40 ~ Asha Viswas

The Beggar Girl

Written & Narrated by Asha Viswas



The Beggar Girl 

I look into her eyes , troubling me ,

like a question mark.

The red in them is a mythical sea

full of drunken fish pursuing the stars .

Or is it the red of  carnations

blooming in a thorn bird’s heart ?

The sunlight dances , like rainbow , in her eyes

which speak in some shade of green

You fail to describe . It is close

to a dark storm with blue rain .

The pressure for description

is memory lurking from pain.

I take courage

and swim across the eyes .


The Misunderstanding

Written & Narrated by Asha Viswas


      The Misunderstanding

i was learning the grammar of his face

in the sentence

of his body.

paraphrasing the clauses

of his looks,

analysing his gestures

synthesizing his moods.

seeking synonymy

of chemistries,

and proximity of physic(s)

but he saw

a deeper semantics

and a newer meaning

in my voice

and meanings.

he raised a big structure

of surface


that left us unfortunate

parallel lines.




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