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Poetry by Trevor Jones



“A Fire Fighter’s Lot”


A Fire Fighter’s Lot

The shift is done
I place it in one part of my mind’s hardware
Personal trauma I’ll place it in another hard drive
Thank God for the curtain between
Everyday life I place in another
I can function.

A virus hits, creeps across all drives
The curtain slides back
The functioning of the whole computer is affected,
PC’s don’t have guilt, anxiety about this,
Only the Owner.

I’ve always been the fixer, the rescuer
But this is beyond me;
Maybe there is a lesson in that.
Please give me a technician to place it all back in order
Back in the proper drives.

Maybe they can help me to understand the virus also
Perhaps even defragment the input stored
That would help as we go along
And I’m sure the owner would settle down,
Function again.

Maybe we will create new space together
Maybe this virus, clearing, won’t be such a bad thing!
From this space we will find room,
Room to play something new,
Be something new!


“Children Of The Spirit Out To Play”


Children Of The Spirit Out To Play

I haven’t gone, I’ve just changed shape
The one you knew I just borrowed for a while
Don’t you remember we chose it together?
Before you came and were moulded just the same
We chose to fashion in a style for our adventure
For the world we viewed with awe but couldn’t touch
We were Children of the spirit out to play

I haven’t gone, I’ve just changed shape
I was the first to make the jump with eager smile
The clothes you helped me choose were perfect
I could taste, I could smell, I could touch
My senses smarted with wonder
Don’t you remember you stood behind me?
You giggled and supported at each turn until it was too much
And then you came
Just like the Children that we are, to play the game
We were Children of the spirit out to play

I haven’t gone, I’ve just changed shape
We never really knew Love and Joy in our timeless world
How great this gift, illusion, that appears to limit our time together!
How rich is this gift of sorrow that opens our heart to True Love!
We truly are Children of the Spirit out to play

I haven’t gone, I’ve just changed shape
I am lighter now, Wow! I am faster
I remember now but I won’t spoil the game for you we agreed
I am now behind you, I am now around you
I will do as we promised for each other
I shall support you, I shall giggle with you as you did for me
You shall feel me touch you, caress you like the wind
You can’t see me but I am there
I will warm you with each ray of sunshine
With every memory we will dance within your mind
And we will continue to share
We are Children of the spirit out to play

I haven’t gone, I’ve just changed shape
And I do so to prepare our next adventure
Please don’t hold me back I’ll be there when you need me
But there are so many things we still have to share together
And I’m bursting to go ahead and prepare
I haven’t gone I’ve just changed shape
We are Children of the Spirit out to play


Authors/Artists Bios

Trevor Jones is a retired Firefighter who lives in Scotland, Great Britain and is currently taking time out of the ‘Rat race’ to indulge his passions for writing inspirational Poetry and Hill walking. He has just completed the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain and now turns his energy to getting some poetry published. Contact: [email protected] or


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