Syndic No.6
Syndic Literary Journal

Poetry & Photographs by Dariusz Pacak


“The Art of Breaking in Ox”


by Dariusz Pacak





for majority                                                                   dla większości

the bell of enlightenment                                            dzwon przebudzenia

doesn’t express M-U                                                    nie wypowie M-U

stone  remain                                                                 kamień pozostanie

deaf                                                                                  głuchy

flower’s joy- dumb                                                         radość kwiatu- niema

inward voice as                                                               wewnętrzny dźwięk

glimmering                                                                      migotliwym

shadow of Reality                                                           cieniem Rzeczywistości

and perceived world only                                              a spostrzegany obraz

like her curtain                                                                jej przesłoną

for majority                                                                     dla większości



Dariusz Pacak, living in Vienna-Austria, poet and traveler, a member of several literary arts arts associations has visited 48 countries and received an Honorary Doctorate of Literature, 2011 (WAAC). Translated in eight languages and widely published, he is an active ambassador for poetry between East and West in his search for truth and meaning through culture’s interior-readings in Poland, China, Taiwan, Austria, Korea, USA, Mongolia, Sweden, Czech Republic.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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