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by Ada Aharoni



By Ada Aharoni

Dear Maya Angelou you have described
In “Woman at Work” not only you
But all of us universal women
Who tend and mend, mop and shop,
Fry and dry, press and dress,
And cook, cook, cook
All in a hurry, all in a flurry
Before the hungry ogres arrive
To gobble in a jiffy
All our dainty menus

Then we turn to the curving sky
To the mountain and the ocean,
The sun, stars, and the silvery moon glow
The flowers and the leaves and the river
Where we slowly dreamily float
Huddled in our frothy free dreams.



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Dr. Ada Aharoni is a poet, writer and sociologist, who has published twenty-six books, her two latest poetry collections are: YOU AND I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, and PEACE POEMS. She is the recipient of several awards including the “British Council Poetry Award,” believing that Bridges of Culture can help to create a world beyond war and violence, she has founded IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (1999): Sites: and


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