Syndic No. 37 ~ 10th Anniversary Special Issue Cover
Syndic Literary Journal

Syndic No.37 ~ Robert Cooperman

Ebinger’s Chocolate Blackout Cake

By Colorado State Poet Robert Cooperman

Narrated by Roger Netzer

Ebinger’s Chocolate Blackout Cake


Whenever I’d tell Beth

about those dark chocolate-

mocha-delicious cakes,

she’d roll her eyes, thinking

I was being hyperbolic, again,

since exaggeration is what poets

deal in, when we’re not lying.


But then a friend from the old

Brooklyn neighborhood visited,

and we got to talking about

those blackout cakes, and later

while Beth and I lay in bed,

she confided, “It was like

you two were seeing angels.”


Now, another friend has found

the original recipe, and I stare

at a photo of the cake.  Next I know

I’m remembering Dad sauntering in

on my or Jeff’s birthday, carrying

a cake box, laughing: holding off

us wolf cubs, and teasing,


“Who do you love more,

this cake, or me?” 

We may’ve been young,

but not stupid.





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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