Syndic No. 37 ~ 10th Anniversary Special Issue Cover
Syndic Literary Journal

Syndic No.37 ~ Rasha Mansour 2

It was Yesterday

By Palestinian Poet Rasha Mansour

Narrated by Anne Chatfield


Yesterday the Newspapers published
That 365 days have disappeared into Bermuda Triangle
under unknown circumstances.

No courts , no strikes , no curfews
no condolences.

My brother didn’t care
about the latest news.
He was drinking a cup of harmony,
in the Czech Republic.

My parents also had no idea __
They were renewing their life agreement in the Red Sea.

At once I washed my heart ,
dressed for the unknown ,
to sway gently with the new year.

Astrologers occupied TV channels,
holding the future in their hands
While I was playing the flute
to create a melody for horoscopes.

Scientists , businessmen , superstars
were interested in reporting the year end numbers .

Yet, I was interested in counting the inhabitants of my heart.

Renting a room on the moon
is not impossible
when you have the Pfizer GreenCard

At New Year`s Eve
The mask is more important than glamoure
Positive is more barbaric than Negative.

Just now, at the New Year`s Eve,
I can establish the Old republic of isolation
making the newest pandemic the national anthem.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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