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Poetry & Photography by Dariusz Pacak

Poetry & Photography

by Dariusz Pacak

Polish Poet, Dariusz Pacak, Visits California USA 2005

Old Korea


in the cliff-rock Lotus crown
whisper drifting trees
unknown song streaming
Pimp Europe and a symphony
in grasshopper half shut eyes
weary I persist until M-U explodes

pagoda tops are welcoming
the gate where dragons guard
I string step after step of rosary
the Way the time before the before
leaving a print of moss on stone
I pass each door to the Bell’s voice

past now monastery archway
ever more ever blinding
Temple Lightbeam ever close
The Gate Without Gate striking Be
supernova shudders boundless
all the more

Baekryeonam Temple( Kayasan Nat. Park- Haeinsa Temple -South Korea), 7 Sep. 2004

Translated by Ryszard Reisner

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Along Dobongsan Mountains
pass centuries
through the Gate of Be

the passage of continents
now part of landscape
a tidal wave

dogma of cross shining
a faded watercolour
paling to distance

Avalokiteshvara unspeaking
zephyr through trees
hums the Diamond Sutra

tapping heart
to moktak rhythm
changing twilight to breath

a body is spread
between one world and others
falling now transcending

rain falling
raining away Mountains

Seoul, 13 August 2004
Translated by Ryszard Reisner

Polish Original



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