Syndic No.3
Syndic Literary Journal

Photojournalism by Paul Sequeira

Test Your Chicago Celebrity IQ

by Paul Sequeira

These celebrity photos were shot in Chicago

in the early 1970s

. . . how many can you name?


/Chuck Berry/Cesar Chavez/Cha Cha Jimenz/Bob Gibson/

/BB King/Angela Davis/Gayle Sayers/William Sianis/

/Eddie Balchowski/Fred Hampton/Jerry Rubin/Jesse Jackson/

/Joe Dimaggio/Jim Tuohy/Harold Washington/Richard Daley/

/Mike Royko/Muhammed Ali/Richard Nixon/Sir Georg Solti/

/Studs Terkel/Tom Hayden/W.Clement Stone/Bill Veeck/

/David Crosby/Ella Fitzgerald/Bobby Rush/Dick Gregory/

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