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Oregon Wildflowers by Larry Francis

Oregon Wildflowers

by Larry Francis


Field Notes:

Some red bells from Lower Table Rock, just outside of Medford . . . Chocolate Bells from the woods above Thompson Creek . . . Purple-Eyed Grass or Grass Widow is the earliest showy wildflower I’ve seen in bloom, as early as Valentine’s Day five or six years ago . . . by early March, the top of Lower Table Rock has lots of them and I like to view them backlit by the setting sun . . . Cobra Lily is pretty weird, these carnivorous plants can be found in their bog off Hwy 199 between Patrick Creek and Gasquet . . . Fawn Lilies are one feature of springtime in Southern Oregon in Cathedral Hills, south of Grants Pass on Hwy 238 and all over the Jacksonville woodlands trails . . . the Monkeyflowers are from a rainy day in the Prairie Creek redwoods and from a colony growing in a seep at the top of the trail going up Lower Table Rock.


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