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CSO Historic Photograph by Carlos LeGerrette

CSO Historic Photograph

by Carlos LeGerrette

FRONT ROW: Esther Martinez (Bakersfield), Gilbert Padilla (Hanford), Lucy Rios (Los Angeles), Jenny Diaz (Salinas), Juan Marcoida (San Jose), Frank Ledesma (Soledad), Carmen Fernandez (Stockton), Herman Gallegos (San Jose), SECOND ROW: Anna Chavez (Salinas), Jorge Acuna (Fresno), Luis Gonzales (Stockton), Arabella Martinez (Oakland), Rita Medina (San Jose), David Burciaga (Bakersfield), Margaret Govea (Bakersfield), Alex Zermeno (Salinas), Unamed, Jerry Cox, Luis Zarate (San Jose), Unamed.

(Publisher’s Note: This photo was first published in Syndic No.1, but without name identifications. Because of the historic significance of the photograph, the photographer was able to uncover the names of those in the photo who were original members of the CSO – Community Service Organization)


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