Cover Syndic No.18 “Remembering 9/11”
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Poem ∼ “Remembering 9/11” by Rosalie Calabrese

Rosalie Calabrese


Waking to bright sunlight,

I cheerily started my daily routine

and turned the radio on to hear the news,

which I hoped would be good for a change.

I was almost at the kitchen

when I heard, “another plane . . .

the second tower . . .”


Not having a TV, I was spared

watching the horror,

other than what played in my mind

as I stayed planted in front of my radio,

afraid to leave  the room

in case I’d  miss even something

I didn’t really want to know.


Later, after the phone calls and e-mails

to say “I’m safe, how are you?”

I looked outside at the eerie peacefulness

of the empty street and silent sky,

not yet aware that the residue

of what was burning downtown

would blow our way.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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