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Resistance! Robert Cooperman

Resistance!  ∼  Robert Cooperman


Trump Stares Down the Solar Eclipse

I stared, so what?  Nothing happened.

Scientists?  What do they know?

So sad.  They try to scare real

America-loving Americans, the folks

who know global warming’s a hoax,

that burning fossil fuels are green,

not greenhouse, that the ice caps

aren’t melting, that coral reefs look fantastic:

those shots of them turning white and brittle

as the Night King on Game of Thrones,

fake news from the phony media.

And real ivory is fabulous.  Take a lesson

from my son Eric and go on safari

and come home with the trophy of a lifetime.

The fake news people, they hate America,

You can see it whenever they claim

I’m a fascist.  You know what a fascist is?

Anyone who opposes me and my agenda

to make America great again.

The sun’s a fascist, because science

is for losers, not real Americans.

You know what’s better than the eclipse?

The jobs for coal miners I’m going to create!



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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