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Resistance! Robert Cooperman (2)

Resistance!  ∼  Robert Cooperman


Trump’s Deportation Edict

Fed up with court obstructions

to my keeping America safe

for real Americans, I ordered

the Homeland Security Czar,

whoever it is I appointed,

to issue the following directive:


“All those with Hispanic or Muslim

last names will report immediately

to the nearest high school.

Clothing will be provided for them. 

They will be put on trains

and sent to holding centers,

where they will be assigned

to a barrack and instructed

about their duties until

they can be sent back

to their country of origin.


“No exceptions will be made

for those who have claimed

refugee status: a Muslim terrorist

is a Muslim terrorist;

as a Mexican drug runner-rapist

is a Mexican drug runner-rapist,

even those claiming to be

from other Spanish-speaking countries.


“Anyone disobeying this directive

will be shot and disposed of

like trash to be burned.”


That ought to cover it all.

Okay, I’ve got time

for one more round of golf.






Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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