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Resistance! Charles Rammelkamp

Resistance!  ∼  Charles Rammelkamp


Trump University

 “The best part? Trading on a word like ‘university.’

A stroke of genius!

Can’t you just see it?

These rubes have visions of Harvard and Yale,

Ivy League prestige and guaranteed success!

And all it is is a real estate training program!

Jesus Christ, like something you can get off craigslist!


“They were expecting what, Madeleine Albright,

a course in international affairs, maybe?

Though personally I find Albright disgusting;

she’d never win any beauty pageant I ran.


“Or maybe they see somebody from Wharton,

some sophisticated perfesser with the inside track

on business methods and principles.

Or that pointy-head from M.I.T., Chomsky,

instead of the ‘motivational speakers’

they shell out that hefty tuition for.


“Americans. Dumb fuckin’ bastards.

Can you imagine

who they might actually vote for for president?”



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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