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Montages: “Through Fotheringay Maze” by Stephen Mead


Through Fotheringay Maze

by Stephen Mead

Artist Explanation

“These images are part of a series tentatively titled “Through Fotheringay Maze”,

a series of montages and mixed media, which had a decades-long hibernation period.

They are dedicated to the British musician Sandy Denny

in addition to her song about Mary Queen of Scots imprisoned at Fotheringay castle.

Ultimately, l hope to create a short film using the various “stills” as captured here,

with a narrative poem. Thank you for viewing this work-in-progress”

Through Fotheringay Maze Sand art clock detail merge

Through Fotheringay Maze Sand art clock shiphead 1 merge

Through Fotheringay Maze Sand art detail clock ship head 2

Through Fotheringay Maze Sand art ship head 1

Through Fotheringay Maze Sand Denny's Vision painting lily merge

Authors/Artists Bios

As a writer and artist publishing for the last three decades, Stephen Mead has finally gotten around to getting links to his poetry still online at various zines available in one place: His latest Amazon release is entitled "Our Spirit Life”" - a poetry/art meditation on family heritage, love, and the evanescence of time.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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