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Art Exhibit: Sculpture By Lena Jurikowa

Artist Lena Jurikowa / Photo By Gunther Wagner

Artist Lena Jurikowa / Photo By Gunther Wagner

Sculpture Exhibition / Vitebsk Belarus

By Lena Jurikowa

Publisher’s Note

Artist Lena Jurikowa, a long time contributor to Syndic Literary Journal,

had planned to create a photo exhibit about her trip to Belarus

for the opening of her exhibit in Vitebsk

but illness, therapy and a long recovery period made it impossible.

With Lena’s permission, I have created an exhibit of the sculptures she showed in Vitebsk.




My Love

(Bronze Patina)


Femininity In The Form Of A Cube



Second Wave Time



Kiss From El Salvador



Age Of Aquarius

(Bronze Patina)

09-Age of Aquarius. Bronze, patina

Kiss From El Salvador & Femininity In The Form Of A Cube


10-Kiss from El Salvador and Femininity in the form a cube. bronze


11-Mermaid. Day.

My Love

(Bronze Patina)

12-My love. Bronze, patina

Shadow. Playing Safety


14-Shadow. Playing safety.

My Love Creating Eve

(Bronze Patina)

13-My Love. Creating Eve. Bronze, patina


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